About Clara



The cloud and data ecosystem are difficult to navigate. There are way too many options and approaches; our goal is to help you choose the best technologies and join you in building the best solutions for your business. Once projects are done, it’s important that your team owns and understands the systems we build, so we make teaching and training a priority. We are passionately committed to our clients and our work; our number one goal is that you are happy and we will go out of our way to prove it.


  • Dynamically adapt to your needs and processes to make sure we are part of the team from day one

  • Proactively ask the difficult questions so we can solve the right problems

  • Carefully design based on years of experience solving challenging problems and building distributed systems

  • Mindfully plan with the entire team in mind, we focus on what we do best while your team fills in the rest

  • Passionately build, test and deploy using the DevOps tools and practices that fit best

  • Enthusiastically hand off to your team, so we can tackle your next big challenge


DevOps & Cloud

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • IT Automation

  • AWS Audits

  • CI/CD Pipelines

  • Docker Containerization

  • Managed Services

  • Monitoring, Alerting, and Forensics

  • Automate workflows

Data Management & Business Intelligence

  • Data Pipelines & Warehousing

  • Schemas and Models

  • Looker and Tableau Dashboards and Reports

  • Migrations

  • Looker Training

  • Custom ETL integrations and


  • Microservices Architecture


Strategy, design, and development of cloud and data solutions with these technologies.

among others…